Turkic Forum

Welcome to Turkic Forum, the leading platform for events specific to the business world. We offer many different events where you can expand your business network and find the information and interaction necessary for your career.

Turkic Forum is a leading platform where events specific to the business world are published and organized. Our mission is to support businesses and professionals to strengthen their business networks and advance their careers. Our team uses their experience and expertise in the industry to offer the most valuable and quality event experience to our participants.

Discover the various types of events held at Turkic Forum:


Our conferences, attended by industry leaders and experts, discuss the latest trends and strategies in the business world. You can focus on topics such as digital transformation, leadership and innovation.


Events that offer the opportunity to meet leading names in the business world and develop your business relationships. Industry-themed events and meetings with business leaders are organized.


Events where you can gain in-depth information about current issues with interactive presentations by speakers who are experts in their fields. Topics such as new market trends and strategic planning are covered.


Fairs that showcase innovative products and services and help you increase your business contacts. You can attend sectoral fairs and product launches.


Events where leading figures from the business world share their inspiring speeches and experiences. Motivational talks and career advice are offered.

Moderated programs

Panels and discussion programs held under the supervision of expert moderators. Interactive sessions are organized to find solutions to sectoral problems.

Question and answer sessions

Interactive sessions where participants answer questions they may pose to experts. Lively discussions are held to find solutions to business problems.

Business networking events

Events where businesses and professionals come together and discover new business opportunities. Cooperation and partnership opportunities are evaluated.

Live broadcasts and podcasts

Follow current issues through live broadcasts and podcasts with leading figures in the business world. It goes into depth on business strategies and leadership.

Exclusive articles and trainings

Articles and trainings containing the latest developments in the business world and expert opinions. Up-to-date information is provided on topics such as business management and marketing strategies.